To paraphrase a man far wiser than I, it is a good day to receive a 
ruling from the Commitee on Appeals.

	There is everything and nothing on my mind. Various images from 
the day scan through my brain -- a reporter asking me, after I made a 
remark, if humor helps with the situation; another reporter saying, "The 
media hounds are out this afternoon" and smiling, to which I replied, 
"Actually, we prefer the term media whore"; jokingly offering to a 
cameraman the opportunity to videotape me urinating on the altar because 
"your ratings would go through the roof"; Alta the malamute chasing Huey 
the labrador chasing me throughout the house as I grab Steve's clerics 
and prepare to drive into town; making lunch out of a Granny Smith apple 
and montery jack cheese; a phone call from Steve at 11:23 this morning 
informing me of the committee's decision; discussing ISU's recent 
football win at the barber shop; waking up to the radio playing "Onward 
Christian Soldiers".
	I want to second the thanks Steve made above; wthout your support 
we truly would be nowhere. I want everyone to know that this battle is 
not over, though the ELCA doubtless wishes otherwise. It's gonna take a 
helluva lot more than anything the likes of a bunch of gospel-abnegating, 
viscious, amoral, pharisaical bastards to stop this jarhead.
	And to Steve -- always faithful.

Karl von Uhl

14 September 1998