Vegetarian/Spinach Manicotti

A: 15oz ricotta cheese
    10oz frozen spinach, thawed
    4oz mozzarella
    1/2C Parmesan
    3c garlic, minced
    1 egg
    2T onion, chopped
    2t parsley
B: Manicotti shells
C: 24oz marinara sauce
D: mozzarella and Parmesan cheese
1. Mix (A) in bowl.
2. Spread some sauce (C) in bottom of 9x13" oiled pan.
3. Stuff uncooked shells (B) with (A) and place in pan.
4. Cover with remaining sauce (C), top with (D). This can keep overnight in
    refrigerator, or be frozen, for rapid preparation later.
5. Bake 350F 45min (longer if frozen).

Servings: 6

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