Vegetarian/Pan Pizza

A: 1000g flour
    30g salt
B: 700g water, warm
    60g butter, unsalted
    40g olive oil
    5g yeast
C: 1T olive oil
    1c garlic, minced
D: 14oz tomatoes, crushed
    1T tomato paste
    1T sugar
E: 525g mozzarella, grated
    300g mozzarella, fresh, sliced
    3t oregano
F: 12 leaves basil
1. Combine (A) in large bowl, whisk (B) together and add to (A), knead to
    combine, let stand for 5 minutes, knead again, and separate into 3 balls.
    Store in floured bowl, covered with damp cloth, for 3 hours or several days
    if refrigerated.
2. Saute (C) in small pot, add (D) and simmer 20 minutes. Cool.
3. Flatten dough balls, spread in iron or glass pan. Add sauce, then top with
4. Bake at 450F for 25 minutes until golden. Top with (F) and serve.

Servings: 24

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