Vegetarian/Mapo Tofu

A: 8oz mushrooms, shiitake
B: 1 1/2C water
C: 15oz tofu, soft
D: 3T oil
    3 hot peppers
    2T black bean paste
E: 3c garlic, minced
    1T ginger, minced
F: 2t soy sauce
    1t sesame oil
    1t cayenne pepper
G: 1T corn starch
    3T water
H: 1/2C scallions, slivered
    3 sprigs cilantro
1. Trim stems from (A), add to (B), and make broth by simmering 15min. Discard
    stems. Dice (A) and set aside.
2. Cut (C) into 1cm cubes, cover with boiling salted water and soak 15min.
3. Place (D) in wok, stir-fry until bubbly. Add (E), stir-fry for 30sec.
4. Add (F), diced mushrooms, and broth. Cook over medium low heat for 2
5. Add tofu, drizzle in (G), simmer while stirring until sauce thickens. Serve
    over steamed rice with (H).

Servings: 6

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