Soup/Sausage And Tortellini

A: 2# Italian sausage, sliced 1/4"
    1 1/2C onion, diced
    4c garlic, minced
    1T oil
B: 56oz plum tomatoes, smashed
    8oz tomato paste
    4C chicken broth
    2C water
    1t basil
    1t oregano
    2T parsley
    2C zucchini, diced
    2C carrots, sliced thin
C: 1# cheese tortellini or noodles
1. Saute (A) in soup pot, reserve sausage pieces.
2. Add (B), bring to boil and simmer 30 minutes.
3. Add (C), bring to boil until tortellini is done.
4. Add sausage back in and serve.

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