Soup/Potato Soup

From Judy Corkill -- about 1986
..Papa (Charles) Corkill also makes great potato soup.
A: Potatoes
    Onions, at least several large ones
B: butter/margarine
C: milk
1. Pare and cut up (A) -- the more onions, the better. Boil together with as
    little water as possible (don't burn!).
2. When potatoes start to be soft, add (B). "I like lots of pepper, and more
    oleo makes it yummier."
3. When potatoes are *really soft*, mash with potato masher. Add (C) (milk) to
    desired consistency. You want it thin to put on cornbread but not watery.
    If you have used too much water, you may need to remove some before adding

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