Sides/Vegetable Walnut Pate

A: 1T vegetable oil
B: 1/2C minced onion
    1/2t salt
C: 1 1/2C chopped fresh green beans
D: 2 eggs, hardboiled (yolks may be omitted)
    1/2C walnuts, chopped
    2T white wine OR 2t fresh lemon juice
    2T mayonnaise
    black pepper, to taste
    handful of parsley
1. Heat oil in medium skillet.
2. Add (B), and saute over medium heat for about 10 min. until the onion begins
    to brown.
3. Add the green beans, and saute until they are tender (another 8 to 10 min.).
4. Combine everything in a blender or food processor and grind into a uniform
    (You can also chop or mash it by hand.)
5. Serve as an appetizer with crackers and raw vegetables, or as a sandwich
..From the Moosewood Cookbook, 15th Anniversary edition, by Mollie Katzen..

Servings: 12

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