Sides/Potato Croquettes

A: 2-3C mashed potatoes, cold
    1 egg
    2T parsley, chopped
    salt & pepper as needed
B: 1C whole wheat flour
C: 4 eggs
    1t salt
    1t pepper
D: 4 slices stale bread or toast
    seasoning salt
1. Combine (A) into stiff mixture.
2. Lay out three bowls and place (B), (C), (D) in each of the three bowls
3. Form 1/4C portions of (A) mixture into rounded shapes. Roll in (B), then
    (C), then (D), and repeat. Place on floured plate.
4. Chill for 20 minutes (or more). This can be prepared in the morning for an
    evening dinner.
5. Fry croquettes in (E) over medium heat until golden. Remove to paper-towel
    lined serving plate.

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