A: 3-4# pork scraps, fat and organ meat
    1 large onion with 4 cloves inserted
    3qt water
B: 2T salt
    2T pepper (red and black)
    1T sage or poultry seasoning
C: 3C buckwheat flour
    1 1/2C cornmeal
1. Place (A) in large pot, bring to boil, cover and place in 220F oven
    overnight. Remove from heat, strain broth into container and chill. Place
    meat into airtight container and chill.
2. Remove meat from bones and chop coarsely. Skim excess fat from broth and
    combine with chopped meat.
3. Add (B) and bring to slow boil. Use immersion blender to finely chop meat.
4. Add (C) and mix with hand mixer until thickened and smooth. Place into pans
    and chill to set.
5. Slice into 1/4" slices, freeze between wax paper sheets. Fry in oiled pan to

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