A: 12oz mushrooms, quartered
B: 1T butter
    1T oil
C: 1/4C flour
    salt and pepper
D: 1 3/4# pork chops
E: 1T whole black peppercorns
F: 1/2C strong beef broth
    1/2C milk
1. Roast (A) on greased baking sheet in 450F oven 10 minutes. Turn, roast
    another 10 minutes, and reserve.
2. Put (B) into iron pan and heat to medium high.
3. Combine (C) in small bowl. Dredge (D) in the bowl, then place into pan with
    (E) and saute until browned. Add some of the flour mixture into the pan and
    stir into a roux with the chops.
4. Add (A) and (F) and bring to boil, cook for about 5 minutes, moving the
    chops gently.
5. Serve over rice or with potatoes, ladle sauce from pan over chops on plate.

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