Meat/Pigs Stomach

A: 1 pig stomach, cleaned
B: 1/2# bacon
    3C onion
    1/2t cayenne pepper
    1/2t pepper
    1/2t cardamom
    1t savory
    2t salt
    1/2C rye crumbs
    3 eggs
    6C potatoes, diced
C: 4T clarified butter
1. Soak (A) 2-5 hours in salted water and rinse.
2. Turn (A) inside out, and sew the two smaller holes shut. Turn stomach right
    side out again.
3. Stuff stomach with (B).
4. Simmer in 2 gallons water for 3 hours.
5. Bake 375F 25 minutes, baste with (C).

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