Meat/Moo Shu Pork

A: 2T sesame oil
B: 1/4C sweet red bean paste
    2t soy sauce
    2t sugar
C: 2T rice wine (e.g., sake)
    1t sugar
D: 4oz pork (or beef, tofu)
    1/2t salt
E: 2T sesame oil
    4T canola oil
F: 2c garlic, minced
    3 eggs, beaten
G: 1/4C mushroom, julienned
    1/4C carrot, julienned
    1/4C cabbage, shredded (or cole slaw mix)
    2 green onions, julienned
H: 8 wheat wraps
    8oz bean sprouts
    2 green onions, julienned
1. Heat (A) in wok, mix in (B). Heat until bubbling, remove to small serving
    bowl to cool.
2. Combine (C) in small bowl for use later with stir-fry.
3. Slice (D) into 1/8" batons. Toss with salt in small bowl.
4. Heat 2T of (E) mixture in wok, add (F) and scramble eggs, then scrape into
    small bowl.
5. Heat remaining 4T of (E) in wok, stir-fry the meat (D) and scrape into same
    bowl as eggs.
6. Stir-fry vegetables (G) quickly, return meat and eggs to wok over high heat,
    add sauce (C) and combine. Remove to serving plate.
7. Assemble with (H), sauce and add meat/egg mixture.

Servings: 4

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