Meat/Chile Relleno

A: 8 poblano chiles
B: 4 egg whites
    1/2t salt
C: 4 egg yolks
    1T flour
D: 16oz Jack cheese, shredded
    chorizo or seasoned meat
E: 1/4C flour
F: 2C chile-tomato sauce
G: cilantro
    black olives, sliced
1. Roast and peel (A), remove seeds. This can be done directly over a gas
    stovetop, make sure the peppers are evenly black all over and place into a
    paper bag for a few minutes to soften, then brush off skin.
2. Beat (B) until soft peaks form. Mix (C) to form batter, do not overbeat.
3. Stuff chiles with (D). Use toothpicks as needed to hold shut.
5. Dredge peppers in (E), dip quickly in batter and fry in 1cm of 375F oil
    about 30 seconds on all sides until golden brown.
6. Top with (F) and Garnish with (G).

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