Desserts/Walnut Pear Cake

A: 1C walnuts
    1/3C brown sugar
    1t cinnamon
B: 1/4C butter
    1/3C flour
C: 2 pears
    2t lemon juice
D: 1 3/4C flour
    3/4t baking powder
    1/2t baking soda
    1/4t salt
    1/2C butter
    1C sugar
    1t vanilla
    2 eggs
    8oz sour cream
1. Mix (A) and reserve.
2. Mix (B) with 3/4C of (A) mixture and reserve.
3. Cube (C) and toss with lemon juice and the remainder of (A) mixture,
4. Mix (D) in mixing bowl, wet ingredients first, and beat into a smooth
5. In greased 9" pan, place 2/3 of the (D) batter, followed by (C) mixture, the
    the remaining (D) batter, finally the (B) mixture.
6. Bake at 400F for 70 minutes.

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