Desserts/Carrot Currant Cake

A: 2C wheat flour
    1C white flour
    1T baking soda
    3/4t salt
    1T cinnamon
    1t nutmeg
    3/4t allspice
    3/4t cloves
B: 5 eggs
    1 1/4C butter
    1 1/4C milk
    1 1/2C honey
    1C pineapple, chopped
    1C currants
    1C walnuts, chopped
    3C grated carrots
C: 1/4C butter, softened
    24oz cream cheese
    1T vanilla
    1 1/2C powdered sugar
    2T milk (approx.)
1. Combine (A) in large bowl.
2. Combine (B) in mixing bowl and mix well.
3. Fold (B) into (A), bake in two greased 9" cake pans at 345F for 50 minutes.
4. Mix (C) with electric mixer, adding milk to get correct spreading
    consistency. Frost cake and decorate with crushed walnuts and
    carrot-colored frosting decorations.

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