Bread/Lemon Poppy Pancakes

A: 3/4C milk
    1T vinegar
    1T lemon juice
B: 1C flour
    1 egg
    2T butter, melted
    2T sugar
    1/2t vanilla
    1/2t salt
    1t baking powder
    2t poppy seeds
    1t lemon zest
C: 1C confectioner sugar
    1/2t salt
    2T lemon juice, more or less
1. Mix (A) in bowl and let stand 10 minutes.
2. Combine (B) in second bowl, add (A) and whisk until fully incorporated.
3. Cook cakes in skillet, flipping once when bubbles appear.
4. Whisk (C) to make glaze, adding enough juice so the glaze runs but is not
    watery. Serve cakes with glaze drizzled on top.

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