Bread/Cinnamon Rolls

A: 1 1/3C water
    6T butter, cut into pieces
    1/3C sugar
    1t salt
    1 egg
B: 1 1/2C whole wheat flour
    3C flour
    3T dry milk
    3t yeast
C: 6T butter, softened
D: 1/2C brown sugar
    1t cinnamon
    6T walnuts, chopped
    1 small apple, chopped fine
E: 3T butter, melted
    1T milk
    1/2C confectioner's sugar
1. Add (A), then (B) to bread machine and make dough.
2. Mix (D).
3. Roll out dough into two rectangles. Spread (C) onto the dough, sprinkle with
    mixture (D).
4. Roll up the dough starting with the long end of a rectangle. Cut resulting
    cylinder into 1" pieces with a chef knife, placing on greased baking pan.
    Rolls should not touch each other (leave about 1/2" space).
5. Place rolls in warm place, rise ~25 minutes.
6. Bake 350F 30 minutes or until golden.
7. Mix (E), drizzle onto hot rolls out of the oven. Serve.

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