A: 250g soybeans, dry (about 2C)
B: 75g walnuts
50g rolled oats
40g bread crumbs, panko OK
100g beet (pickled OK, about 1/2C)
10g fennel seed
8c garlic
1 onion, small
C: 25g sugar
2t salt
5t black pepper, ground
15g fennel seed
3t sage
2T nutritional yeast
1/4C red vinegar
1/4C olive oil
3T red wine
D: 20 spring roll wrappers
1. Pressure cook (A) for 50min at 20#, drain and rinse.
2. Process (B) until coarse paste. Add to mixing bowl. Process (A) in batches, adding to bowl.
3. Add (C) to mixing bowl. Additional/alternate spices can be used, such as Penzey's northwest fire, and adjuncts like roasted mushrooms, rice, other grains, chiles, dried cranberries or cherries, and cheeses can be added or substituted. Mix thoroughly, adding red wine if needed to make a thick dough similar in consistency and color to ground meat.
4. Wet (D) one at a time in hot water, place filling and wrap. Cook in air fryer 350F for 25min (2 sausages, 1 serving, adjust time upwards if cooking more). Can be frozen until ready to cook.

Servings: 10

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