Meat/Chopped Cheese Sandwich

A: 3/4# ground beef
1t canola oil
1t salt
1t pepper
B: 2 pickles
1/3C cherry peppers, pickled
1T brown mustard
1T ketchup
C: 1oz mozzarella, grated
1oz cheddar, grated
2 slices american cheese
D: 2 hoagie rolls
1T butter
1 small tomato, sliced
1C lettuce, shredded
1. Form a rectangular meat loaf with (A), salt and pepper liberally, add to hot iron pan, and sear cook 2 minutes each side.
2. Make a spicy relish by chopping (B) together.
3. Place relish and (C) on top of loaf, and chop into the meat with a spatula.
4. Finsh by turning off heat and letting the bottom crisp a bit.
5. Cut meat into two pieces and place on buttered rolls, along with the rest of toppings (D).

Servings: 2

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