Beer/Black Lager

A: 9# 2-row malt
6oz black patent malt
4oz chocolate malt
3oz cara-pils malt
4oz flaked barley
B: 1oz zeus hops, 60 min
1oz zeus hops, 30 min
3/4oz goldings, 2 min
C: yeast, Wyeast 1084 Irish Ale
1. Mash (A), dough-in 122F (10qt water 130F), rest 15min, 150F (5qt 200F) 60min, 158F until conversion complete, mash out at 168F.
2. Sparge with 170F water to collect 7gal.
3. Boil to reduce to 5gal, following hops schedule (B).
4. Cool to 65F in carboy, pitch (C), until krausen completes.
5. Move to secondary and ferment 50-55F.

Servings: 40

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