Preparations/Crystallized Ginger

A: 1# fresh ginger, peeled & sliced to 1/4"
2C water
B: 1 1/2C sugar
1 1/2C water
C: 1/4C sugar
1. In 2-quart saucepan, heat (A) to boiling over high heat. Boil 5 minutes. Drain. Repeat boiling and draining 3 more times, removing ginger from pan after last draining.
2. In same saucepan, heat (B) to boiling over high heat. Add ginger slices and return to boiling. Reduce heat to gently simmer ginger, stirring occasionally, until translucent (about 50 minutes).
3. With slotted spoon, transfer ginger to wire rack placed over a tray. Let ginger stand until surface is dry to the touch. Shake ginger in bag contaioning (C) until coated. Store ginger in jar, or freezer for maximum life.

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