David Deaven's software distribution

All of the software on this page is distributed under the terms of the Free Software Foundation. You will need the GNU file compression utility gzip to unpack the distributions.

Unix software

A program to generate Java JNI wrappers, HTML documentation, and manual pages from a set of C++ classes.
A program to extract frames from QuickTime files, especially those generated by Olympus digital cameras (they contain a set of JPEG frames).
libusb for FreeBSD patch
Patches for libusb and FreeBSD kernel which implement the USB "clear endpoint stall" function needed to support digital cameras which use the Sierra protocol.
My personal library of C stuff, mostly original or slightly modified from other code in the public domain. It is required for most of the other software available here.
Utilities to manipulate atomic geometries stored in files. Many of the utilities are wrappers around functions implemented in libdmd. Example operations: rotation, generation of radial distributions, generate random geometries, combine/sort coordinates, compare geometries, conversion between file formats.
Yet another program to make PostScript figures from data files. xyplot is very simple -- it's great for quick-and-dirty looks at data while you are working (for instance, with ghostview). There is an output mode compatible with Sun's plot command, so on a Sun workstation you can view graphs even on an ASCII terminal. The PostScript quality is good enough for a scientific journal, and the PostScript output is designed to be edited so that you can make flexible customizations. (Not everybody likes to operate on this `primitive' level. If you are not a retrogrouch like I am, then this program probably isn't for you.) One nice feature is that you can use TeX to make the axis labels (or other labels) on your plots, so your figures can look the same as your text in a TeX document. (xyplot.tar.gz, sample plot).
Renders pictures of molecular geometries in many graphics formats, including PostScript, X, and GIF. On an X terminal, a GUI allows interactive manipulation of the geometry with a live view.
(xmogul.tar.gz, screen shot).
Reads an ASCII text database of addresses and other information, allows rapid lookup and generation of addressed letters and mailing labels.

Atari 400/800/1200 software

a combined hardware and software project for Atari 8-bit computers (Atari 400/800/1200) which allows communication with infrared remote controlled appliances.

David Deaven deaven@deaven.net