A: 1C + 2T water
B: 2T vegetable oil
    3T molasses
    1T cider vinegar
    1 egg
    1 1/2t salt
C: 1 1/2C rye flour
    3/4C whole wheat flour
    1/2C oat flour
    2T wheat gluten
    1/4C toasted bread crumbs and/or wheat germ
    2T yellow cornmeal
    1T finely ground coffee beans
    2t cocoa powder
D: 2t yeast
1. Add (A), (B), (C) to bread machine pan in order.
2. Make a well in the top of the pile and add (D) in the well. Process to make
3. Turn dough into pans lined with yellow cornmeal.
4. Bake 375F 35 minutes.

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